Dust: An Elysian Tail Hack

dust an elysian tail


Dust: An Elysian Tail Hack (Cheat Engine)
As shown in the video above: Hacking Dust TEA is not all that difficult. All important values are stored in 4bit and can be easily found by just doing the good old “scan, change, scan again” routine (as shown in the video). This should work for your health as well. In the video I “accidentally” got my defense too high to get damaged by the enemies, so I couldn’t successfully complete that cheat. But it works just like the gold hack – exactly the same procedure.

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Crossy Road

Ever since Crossy Road hit the App Store there have been a lot of other games being inspired by Hipster Whale’s endless Frogger-like, and a lot of talk about its style and structure. Some of that talk has specifically been about the potential of taking other classics and making them and endless free-to-play game.

In looking at Shooty Skies, two thirds of the Crossy Road folks took inspriation from this chatter to make and endless shoot-em-up game very much in that style. While it does a fantastic job of capturing the same compelling gameplay loop, Shooty Skies does feel like a bit of an also-ran just because of how little it does to push this style forward.

Playing Shooty Skies is as simple as touching and dragging a finger across the screen to move the player character plane around and shoot. Letting go of the screen allows players to charge up a powerful missle shot, though this obviously prevents them from dodging bullets or enemies.

As players dodge bullets and destroy enemy computer monitors, arcade cabinets, and other strange objects, they will gather power-ups and face off against bosses until they inevitably get hit and have their run ended. From there coins and distance are totaled up, which put players that much closer to unlocking a random new plane. Like Crossy Road, unlocking new planes doesn’t really change the gameplay too much but they do offer some aesthetic changes that help to keep things feeling fresh.

Also like Crossy Road, Shooty Skies is remarkably fair as a free-to-play game. Players can elect to watch ads to get coins or can spend some cash to unlock new planes directly. Other than that they won’t encounter any obnoxious ad placements or cooldown timers, which is all well and good – though completely expected.

Shooty Skies is so much like Crossy Road that it’s kind of hard to get particularly excited about. Players that would much prefer a shoot-em-up over Froggercan have some fun with it, but there’s not much else going on in it that pushes this type of game foward in interesting ways. This isn’t to say that Shooty Skiesisn’t fun or good, but its overall structure just isn’t as remarkable this time around.

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Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone harkens back to the days of games like Streets of Rage and Comix Zone, and that’s a good thing indeed.

Taking place in an alternate 1989 (no, not like the Taylor Swift album), the world is in a bleak post-apocalyptic state. Mutants and violent thugs are out to get you. Oddly though, you don’t play a hero trying to save the world. You play a skateboarder who just wants to be left alone to grind in peace. It doesn’t sound quite as amazing as wanting to save everyone, but it is pretty fun.

Controls are of the virtual button variety and they’re somewhat competent. You’re able to put your skateboard down in order to beat up enemies or interact with doors and switches, but it’s just as easy to switch back and start grinding. A few times, I found that Leave Me Alone got a little confused, leaving me to struggle to grind along a post, but for the most part, it works quite well.

Some of the time, you’ll be embroiled in various fights, hammering buttons to inflict damage. Other times, you’ll have to use your boarding skills to negotiate electrical hazards or toxic waste. It can be tricky, but it keeps things varied.

As you make your way along, you can collect things to put towards upgrades. Then, at certain points, you can boost your health or damage, as well as unlock new abilities and skills. It’s a simple concept but an enjoyable one. It gives you a sense of progression for sure.

It all invokes memories of the beat-em-ups of the 90s, too. Leave Me Alone can be a fairly tough game but it’s a tantalizing one. The controls might occasionally be a little awkward to switch between, but you’re likely to end up forgiving them.

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The Doom Beneath

The Doom Beneath is a gamebook that’s styed much like a graphic novel, which takes the player on a mysterious journey down into the depths of a cave somewhere in the unknown wilderness. While its look is quite appealing, the rest of this game is pretty thin and short, which is a disappointment.

The core gameplay of The Doom Beneath revolves around players making decisions for an unnamed protagonist who starts his journey out in the woods, but quickly finds himself in a mysterious cavern full of mysterious beings and happenings. To describe what happens in any more detail could verge on spoiler territory, so I’ll just say this: there’s some random-feeling turn-based combat and things in this game get weird and they don’t always make sense, which makes the whole thing not work too well.

By things “not making sense” I don’t mean that anything is unrealistic. Rather, some of the story logic presents weird narrative holes that aren’t apparent until playing sections in a different order (which will happen a lot, as player death and starting over are a common occurrence here). And, even after combing through the various sections, none of the endings feel particularly enlightening or satisfying.

Cool looks aside, The Doom Beneath is a pretty skippable experience. Perhaps if it spent more time developing lore and characters – you know, the things that narrative-based games are mostly propped up by – there would be something more here. Sadly, though, it’s mostly just some style and painfully little substance.

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Tweetbot 4

Tweetbot 4 is the best mobile Twitter client there is.

For starters, it’s totally elegant in design while still being completely customizable. Out of the box,Tweetbot 4 offers a very clean presentation that most users will appreciate, especially since the app does a fantastic job of knowing what cool Twitter features to integrate into it (e.g. activity feed, built-in Vine player) and what to leave behind (e.g. Moments).

If things aren’t quite to your liking from the get-go, users can also dive deep and change everything from different fonts to what their preferred timeline syncing method is.

Is it worth it?

Although $4.99 might seem a bit steep for using a free social media platform, one of the things things that has made previous versions of Tweetbot so great is the support that has come from the developers, Tapbots.

Although there hasn’t really been any time to see this new version get any updates, all previous versions of Tweetbot were constantly supported, integrating useful features and fixing problems to make an already sleek app experience even better. Chances are, if you have any hangups about jumping into the app now, you won’t by the time a new update hits.

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Max Ammo

Max Ammo seems like a genuine attempt at making a mobile, free-to-play version of Gears of War.

It’s a solid third-person, cover-based shooter where our hero, Max Ammo, faces off against humanoid dinosaur enemies in an effort to save the world.

Unlike Gears, Max Ammo streamlines its controls so that cover is just a swipe away and firing at reptiles only involves a quick tap.

Each mission in the game is pretty short, and the end of each one yields rewards like experience, perks, blueprints, and currency, all of which help make Max a more effective soldier on the battlefield.

You got style

Probably the best thing about Max Ammo is its sense of style across the board. From aesthetics to world-building – heck, even to mission design –Max Ammo is pretty charming and fresh.

The only thing that holds it back is the free to play implementation, which draws out tiresome sections of the game.You can spend some cash to speed things along though.

It also requires a constant internet or data connection which can be an issue for some players.

The bottom line

Overall, Max Ammo is a very solid experience. It controls well, has a great sense of style, and definitely has a lot to offer in terms of content.

Anyone looking for a new way to shoot from behind cover should definitely check this game out.

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MinoMonsters Inc

To date, countless mobile game developers have tried to craft their own Pokemon clone and that’s likely because an official mainline Pokemon game is not coming to mobile, regardless of Nintendo’s shifting attitudes on the platform.

The problem is, nobody’s really nailed the magic and balance of Nintendo’s monster-collecting phenomenon so far, though afew developers have managed to give us some pretty charming alternatives.

Mino Monsters from the suitably named MinoMonsters Inc was one such game. Key word here is “was;” the original game has since been shut down and replaced with its successor, Mino Monsters 2: Evolution.

Wallets at the ready

Like its big brother, Mino Monsters 2 offers up some decent monster-collecting fun that’s been suitably simplified for mobile devices. The creature designs are cool, and the graphics are fantastic.

But there’s also a lot of panhandling for in-app purchases in the game, a point that’s sure to cheese off players who invested time and money in their original Mino Monsters collection. Monster bundles, exclusive items, increased inventory space – get ready, because Mino Monsters 2 wants you to buy all of it.

The bottom line

Despite all the can-rattling, Mino Monsters 2 is fun to toy with, though its battles don’t involve much strategy beyond “use elements to trump other elements.” Younger players in particular will appreciate the game’s straightforward mechanics, and they’ll love its colorful creatures.

Oh, but if one of your little guys fall in battle, you need to wait for them to revive. Unless you want to use a potion. Which are rare, to say the least. But hey! You can buy some!

Or if you need more powerful monsters, you can always catch more. Using rare candies. Which are difficult to craft. You’ve got a couple of bucks in your wallet though, right?

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Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

Metroidvania is a term I don’t like to use, but it’s an accurate description of what Dust: An Elysian Tail is.

The highly praised Xbox Live Arcade title, built almost single-handedly by Dean Dodrill of Humble Hearts, has recently come to iOS and it’s a fantastic port of a fantastic game.

Prepare for battle Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

Dust stars an amnesiac cat or rabbit-like character (named Dust) that has happened upon a magic talking sword and its guardian, a miniature flying feline known as a nimbat. Say what you will about the character aesthetics or tired narrative conceit, the real core of Dust lies in its story and, more importantly, its combat.

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Fraction Boats

App Description

Set sail on a mathematical voyage with Fraction Boats!

Select whether fraction, decimal or percentage boxes are loaded on the boats at the start of the game. Your task is to drag the boxes as they appear to their correct equivalent place.

Fraction Boats

Fraction Boats icon

Fraction Boats features:
– Level best scores saved to the device.
– 7 levels of differentiation.
– Select whether Fractions, Decimals or Percentages are on the boats at the start.
– Clear and engaging graphics.

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– contain no third party advertisements.

– do not link to any form of social media.

– do not collect, store, or share any type of personal information or location data.

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Marscraft Pro

App Description

Create your perfect Mars dreamland with unlimited sources. Hours of fun waiting awaits you Use different resources to design your Mars MapMarscraft Pro icon

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